The significance of ‘play’ when bathing

Kate Sheehan, Occupational Therapist, to present engaging seminar at Naidex on the significance of ‘play’ when bathing

In collaboration with Abacus Healthcare, Kate Sheehan, a highly-respected Occupational Therapist with over 28 years’ experience will be delivering an informative seminar that considers the importance of ‘play’ as part of the client assessment process.

Kate_Sheehan_2Date:                       Thursday 30th April, 2015

Time:                      12.20 – 12.50pm

Location:                 Multi-disciplinary Theatre, Naidex National, NEC – B’ham

Seminar Title:         Bathing – the right to play

Speaker:                  Kate Sheehan, Occupational Therapist – In association with Abacus Healthcare

Seminar Synopsis: Play, along with the basic needs of nutrition, health, shelter and education are vital to develop the potential of a child according to the United Nations. In the UK, many children play at bath time yet it is not often a primary consideration within an Occupational Therapist’s recommendations during the assessment process. This session will explore ‘play’ as an occupation and consider how legislation and clinical reasoning can be used to support the necessity of a bath in the design process.

A recognised leader in specialist bathing for over 25 years, Abacus Healthcare works closely with care providers, therapists and families to ensure adults and children with disabilities can bathe in comfort, dignity and safety. Exhibiting on stand F138 at Naidex, Abacus has partnered with Kate Sheehan and she will be sharing her specialist knowledge within the field of assisted bathing during her educational seminar. Her expertise in client assessment, bathroom accessibility and housing design has helped ensure Abacus continue to meet the needs of users, care providers and healthcare professionals.

Abacus will be showcasing three of its powered baths from the Aquanova range: the Gemini, the Scorpio and the Aries. The Gemini’s unique 3-in-1 variable-height changing, bathing and drying platform makes it a popular choice among therapists and families as it helps to minimise back injuries for carers. This versatile, height-adjustable solution allows both bathers and carers to have a more enjoyable and comfortable bathing experience, particularly as the integral platform reduces the number of transfers required. The Gemini on stand F138 will include a whirlpool system for added comfort and safety. The Gemini is also compatible with a wide range of postural support and cushions.

Alongside the Gemini platform bath, Abacus Product Specialists will be demonstrating the Scorpio hi-lo bath with its powered transfer seat which enables the safe transfer of bathers in and out of the bath. The third bath available for demonstration, the Aries bath, includes a whirlpool system and is longer and deeper than a traditional style bath to offer a more comfortable bathing experience. Ideal for multiple-occupancy situations, the variable-height Aries has a safe lifting weight of 150kg and is suitable for use both with ceiling track hoists and mobile hoists.