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Biocote - antibacterial protection

Gemini 1700 unique dual lift bath

A versatile 3-in-1 powered solution for bathing, drying and changing – all in one easy transfer. This specialist antimicrobial bath is ideal for children and adults with disabilities as it improves care, safety and enjoyment.


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For bathers needing specialist care,  the Gemini assisted bath is a fully height adjustable bath that comes with an integrated variable-height platform. It’s a unique model that can be fitted in care homes, standard homes and therapist bathrooms.   

Bathers sit on the platform and the bath is then raised, gently immersing them in a relaxing bath. The bath and the bather can then be raised to a comfortable working height for the carer to assist.

After bathing, the platform becomes a drying and changing table, avoiding a wet transfer out of the bath. In fact, an overall benefit of the Gemini is that it significantly reduces the number of transfers required – making the bathing experience less tiring, safer and more pleasurable for bathers and carers alike.

The Gemini is suitable for use with ceiling track hoists and mobile hoists, for assisted bathers and requiring special assistance, for more information on assisted baths and the Gemini Bath, you can read and download a recent case study where the Gemini Bath was recommended by an Occupational Therapist by clicking here.

Every bathing solution we install can be tailored to your specific needs. Our extensive range of specialist postural support accessories complements our baths, enabling you to optimise the comfort and safety of the bather. We also have a range of options to make bath times easier and more relaxing.

Available on this model:

  • Knee Break
  • Net Postural Support
  • Safety Rail
  • Wedge Cushions/Beany Cushions/Head Supports
  • Side Pads
  • Back Rest Cushion
  • Body Support Panel
  • Platform Cushion
  • Bathside Showerhead Cradle
  • Riser Rail Bath
  • Air Spa
  • Temperature Control Bath Shower Mixer Tap
  • LED lighting
  • Bluetooth Sound

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Gemini information pack


Gemini operating instructions


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Gemini case study