Disabled Baths for Specialist Bathing Solutions

Disabled Baths for Specialist Bathing Solutions

Disabled Bathing Solutions – A Bath for Every Disability

There are huge beneficial factors of choosing from our assisted baths range, as our bathing solutions are specifically designed for users with reduced mobility, and both the safety and dignity of bathers and their carers. There are different aspects to each of our designs, all ergonomically tailored to be truly helpful whilst providing maximum comfort and safety for the individual who may need some assistance whilst bathing due to a particular disability impeding on their physical mobility. Abacus Healthcare supply and install specialist baths such as adjustable height baths, which allows a very comfortable working height for the carer and ensures there is a reduced threat of back strain injuries emerging from taking care of bathers.

When bathing is made difficult due to severe mobility reduction, Abacus Scorpio disabled baths range offers assisted baths equipped with powered seat, to ensure a safe and comfortable transfer in and out of the bath tub for the user, as well as providing a comfortable working height for caregivers. Every feature will ensure the process is not as tiring, a lot safer and reduces the amount of transfers, which can be one of the most problematical steps of the bathing process. By reducing the amount of transfers from and to the bathing facility, our disabled baths will undoubtedly benefit the carers as well as the end user.

Indeed, not only does the functionality of our baths benefit carers but they are designed to make life easier for the individual bathers. The majority of our disabled bathing solutions allow the bather to enter in and out of the bath, by themselves, giving the user a sense of independence and autonomy, no matter what the circumstances. These designs provide superior levels of comfort with deeper, wider and longer bath designs, allowing for the utmost comfort – which they would struggle to gain in a standard bath design.

Some of our disabled baths are also specifically designed to be used in combination with ceiling track hoists which can assist the lifting and transferring of clients in a wide range of care environments.

To find out more about our range of disabled baths, you can request a full working demonstration or simply call us on 0808 252 3394.

How to choose the appropriate disabled bath design?

It is crucial to ensure you choose the correct design and features of the bath according to mobility, age, and disability of the client. Our Bath Selector is a great tool to use to find out which range of assisted baths would best suits your needs and requirements, prior to choosing the exact model. Here are a few suggestions, but please contact one of the Abacus team who will be happy to help you:

Suitable for a wide range of needs

Adaptable to many care environments, the Aries 1800 is ideal for those who need to be transferred by ceiling or mobile hoist. The design allows for a comfortable working height for the carer but also provides a range of postural support accessories including knee-breaks and cushions to ensure the bather’s is always comfortable.

The Aries 1800 offers a very generous bathing area and has a longer, wider and deeper design which provides greater comfort for the client. This model would be best suited for a client who would not have a reduced individual mobility, and also provides a very reasonable 150kg safe lifting weight, ideal for the adult clientele.

Our Scorpio bath would be another appropriate choice for adults whom may be restricted to wheelchair access as this is also suitable for hoist transfer. This particular design’s integrated bathing, drying and changing platforms, very reasonable 150kg safe lifting weight, and its fully height adjustable feature will be very helpful in facilitating bathing of adults.

Life-changing benefits

Our Gemini bath is the most popular among disabled bathers and their carers, due to its many features and attributes such as adjustable height, and its integrated variable-height bathing, drying and changing platform.

Recently Abacus Healthcare supplied and installed an Aquanova Gemini bath for the Orman Family, where the Occupational Therapist, Pauline Dix, helped recommend this for Katherine, who has severe physical and mental disabilities. We asked her afterwards, what the Gemini did for her and the family said;

“I am really impressed with the Gemini bath; the features it provides together with its compact size are perfectly suited to Katherine and her family’s needs. The variable height function and the integrated changing platform, provide a comfortable working height for her carers and a safer, more efficient bathing experience for all”.

When we asked what impact it had on Katherine, her reply was:

“When I say ‘bath-time’ to her, Katherine’s eyes light up and she gives me a big smile which is quite simply priceless.”

This says it all really, every carer and therapist wants to see a happy child, and this is the very reason we want to be able to provide the best disability bathing solutions, allowing children to re-discover the pleasures of bathing. Not only are the features of the Gemini a magnificent improvement for the carer and family, but this also shows how much more comfortable and less stressful it can be for the client.

To read the full case study on the story of the Orman Family and our work with them click here.

To further discuss your needs and requirements and decide which bath would be most appropriate for a specific disability, please contact us.