Abacus Healthcare to showcase ‘#BathingIsBetter’ campaign at OT Show

Abacus Healthcare, would like to invite all Occupational Therapists to see its educational programme regarding assisted bathing at the OT Show (Stand F42, NEC, 23-24 November).


The Abacus range of accessible baths with powered features such as height adjustment, bather transfer seats and integrated changing platforms deliver utmost care, dignity, comfort and safety to semi-ambulant users. They also ensure carers can assist at safe working heights and avoid the potential for back and muscle injury from excessive lifting and stooping. Nevertheless, many families with disabled children and relatives are unable to choose an Abacus bath as funding is commonly not permitted through a Disabled Facilities Grant.

Local Authorities can deem assisted baths not essential and more expensive than wet room conversions or showering adaptations. However, in many client cases there are several factors that justify the need for an accessible bath including legislative, economic and health-related benefits. Justifying a bath grant can be a challenge sometimes for OTs however the ‘#BathingIsBetter’ campaign by Abacus provides all the information required to submit a more compelling case:

Assisted bathing vs showering

This campaign will be showcased in detail at the OT Show through –

‘#BathingIsBetter’ educational seminar
Presented by Kate Sheehan, OT
23rdand 24th November: 11:30-11:45 presentation / 11:45-12:30 Q&A session

This informative and interactive presentation will review and highlight the key elements of the DFG and question why bathing is often neglected as an option to meet a client’s personal hygiene and occupational needs.

Key elements of the session will include:

  • DFG and bathing
  • Client choice and control
  • Bathing as a purposeful occupation
Kate Sheehan

Free #BathingIsBetter educational information for OTs

The ongoing #BathingIsBetter social media campaign by Abacus provides a diverse range of information for healthcare professionals that outlines the benefits of accessible bathing versus adapted showering. Free printed advice guides, end user case studies and links to downloadable documents, videos and social media streams will be available at the OT Show so applying for a grant funded bath is easier.

#BathingIsBetter bath demonstrations

Abacus Product Specialists will be on hand throughout the show demonstrating the popular Gemini and Aries powered baths. The height adjustable Gemini is a leading paediatric choice for OTs with its integrated changing, drying and bathing platform. This in-built spacious surface reduces the number of transfers required when assisting a disabled bather, increases safety and ensures the bathing experience is more pleasant for both user and carer. The compact Aries is a hi-lo bath ideal for use with ceiling track or mobile hoists and is compatible with the proven range of Abacus postural supports.

Kate Sheehan, an OT with over 30 years of experience, comments:

“Throughout my client facing work I regularly meet families and disabled children who would choose to bathe, however many are only offered a wet room or shower conversion through a DFG. Meeting budgets is indeed a challenge these days and all professionals have to consider what is necessary and appropriate, however there is legislation that clearly supports the case for bath provision.”