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Lunch and Learn

FREE educational demonstrations for healthcare professionals focusing on assistive bathing

If you lead a care team, an OT practice or manager a special educational establishment, these free assisted bathing demonstrations are invaluable.

Download our PDF to find out how you can be part of our ‘lunch and learn’ workshop

Wiltshire lunch & learn

The Paediatric Occupational Therapists from the Wiltshire Children and Young People's Disability Team enjoy Abacus 'Lunch & Learn' workshop.

Wiltshire lunch & learn 2016-10-21T09:15:02+00:00

CPD session at Cimla Hospital

David Bertorelli, Abacus Regional Sales Manager led a popular and rewarding CPD session at the Cimla Hospital.

CPD session at Cimla Hospital 2016-10-21T09:15:02+00:00