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For the latest case studies from Abacus Healthcare, please click on a story below:

Young Epilepsy Centre

Young Epilepsy Centre Young Epilepsy charity chooses new Abacus Gemini platform bath for enhanced student care Project details Project: Young Epilepsy Solution: Gemini height-adjustable bath with integrated platform Bather conditions: Epilepsy, Autism, Search Results behavioural difficulties a [...]

The Beaumont Family

The Beaumont Family Norma from Kent with 31-year-old disabled daughter chooses second Abacus assistive bath following 20 years of proven performance Project details Project: Lucy Beaumont Bath: Aquanova Pisces Features: Height-adjustable bath with built in platform and removable headrest Local [...]

Worthington Family

Assisted Bathing Solutions Case Study: Scorpio 1800 with detachable transit chair Abacus hi-lo bath with transfer seat and detachable chair delivers essential assisted bathing for Paul with Sjögren–Larsson syndrome (SLS). Project details Client: Paul Worthington Installation: Height-adjustable [...]

Heathfield Neuro Disability Service

Case Study : Heathfield Neuro Disability Service Flagship rehabilitation centre selects Abacus ceiling track hoists for patients with brain injuries and neuro-degenerative illnesses. Project details Project: Heathfield Neuro Disability Service, Healthfield, East Sussex Product: Abacus Healthca [...]

The Latham Family

Assisted Bathing Solutions Case Study:The Latham Family Jack and Rebecca Latham, six-year-old twins with Cerebral Palsy, can continue playing at bath time with their younger brother now an Abacus Scorpio assisted bath has been installed in their home. Project details Project: The Latham Family [...]

The Orman Family

Height Adjustable Assisted Bathing Solutions Case Study : The Orman Family Abacus Healthcare makes bathing more enjoyable for Southampton family with assisted bathing solutions Project details Project: The Orman Family, Southampton Installation: Height adjustable bath with platform Bath: Aquan [...]

Applewood Respite Centre

Case Study : Applewood Respite Centre Scorpio Plus bath with detachable transfer seat enables young people in care to enjoy the pleasures of bathing again. Project details Project: The Applewood Respite Centre Product: Height-adjustable bath with platform, transfer seat & detachable transi [...]

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