Neurological conditions and bathing

April 2021 hosts both MS awareness week (19–25th April) and Parkinson’s awareness week (11th–17th April). This provides an opportunity to raise awareness and highlight the realities of living with a neurological condition.

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Bathing and sleep – joining the dots

The routine itself is obviously important as it provides comfort, safety and an antecedent or precursor to bed and ultimately sleep. The bath does however provide other, more physiological support to sleep and it’s this information that is important to know as it can help to justify bathing recommendations based on the evidence through robust clinical reasoning.

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Epilepsy is more than seizures: Epilepsy and bathing

International epilepsy day occurs every year on the second Monday of February. It is an opportunity to promote awareness of epilepsy in more than 130 countries and provides an opportunity to enhance the understanding of epilepsy and encourage discussion around the need for better understanding of the condition and how it can be better managed.

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Epilepsy and bathing – exploring the potential

Occupational therapists are educated to work within a social model of care, with client centred and holistic intervention at the professional core.  However, for a variety of reasons, including organisational culture, it is easy to develop prescriptive elements to practice that actually focus on diagnosis or institutional process.

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