OTAC Leeds to host OT-led ‘Medical and functionally focused bathing’ seminar

In association with Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions, Adam Ferry, Occupational Therapist, will be presenting his latest CPD seminar at OTAC Leeds entitled: “Exploration of medical and functionally focused bathing.”

Occupational Therapy Adaptation Conference (Leeds)
Weetwood Hall Estate, Otley Road, Leeds. LS16 5PS

Exploration of medical and functionally focused bathing
Date: 17th June 2021
Time: 11:30am – 12:00pm
Location: Theatre 1
Speaker: Adam Ferry, The OT Service, in association with Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions

Adam Ferry, Occupational Therapist


Support for bathing, particularly in adults, is often focused on medical need rather than occupational ‘want’. This session will consider the clinical reasoning behind bathing and medically focused evidence base, including skin conditions and pain, as well as perceptions around when bathing is not appropriate due to diagnosis.

Learning outcomes

  • Reflection on the perceptions about who can bathe and why
  • Consider the impact of specific medical conditions on bathing
  • Critically analyse the application of occupational therapy core beliefs
  • Understand the relationship between bathing and occupational performance
  • Develop greater understanding of equipment available to support bathing as a meaningful occupation

All OTAC delegates are welcome to discuss individual client needs in more detail on the Abacus exhibition stand. On stands 9–10, Adam will be joined by Duncan Latimer, Abacus Regional Assessment Manager, who will be able to jointly suggest possible bathing solutions for a range of care scenarios. The future-proofed, Gemini 2000 platform bath with unique dual lift technology, which won the coveted OT Show Caring in Excellence Award, will be available for practical demonstrations during the event.