FREE THEORETICAL CPD-accredited assisted bathing seminars

If you are a Carer, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or Moving & Handling Specialist, these free assisted bathing seminars are invaluable

Part of the Abacus Academy, Abacus CPD specialist bathing seminars provide free educational material to assist with everyday practice. Content combines theory and practical guidance with topical debate and legislative facts. Hosted by leading OT Kate Sheehan, these informative and engaging sessions are focused on delivering better outcomes to adult and paediatric clients.

SEMINAR 1: Bathing as part of 24 hour postural management

Lead by Kate Sheehan, OT

  • To define what is good posture
  • Be able to understand the impact of posture when bathing
  • To be able to justify the importance of play for children
  • To define the benefits of purposeful play whilst in the bath
  • Consider relevant case studies and outcomes

SEMINAR 2: A client centred approach to bathing

Lead by Kate Sheehan, OT

  • Understand the importance of bathing as a meaningful occupation
  • Be able to assess with confidence occupational bathing needs
  • Appreciate how to work in a client centred manner
  • Define the benefits of bathing
  • Have the ability to assess occupational bathing needs for bather and carer
  • Understand and interpret the legislation to support your practice
  • Seminars for both adult and paediatric clients
  • Consider relevant case studies and outcomes

About the course leader:

With over 30 year’s clinical experience, Kate Sheehan is one of the UK’s most respected independent Occupational Therapists. She is a Director of The OT Service, which provides housing Occupational Therapy services to case managers and specialist consultancy work to companies.

Kate Sheehan presenting

These clinically-led sessions, present an invaluable opportunity to learn about the latest technology available to overcome many specialist bathing challenges.

Kate Sheehan, OT

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