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Antimicrobial protection - 24/7 Biocote built in

Aries 2000 Variable Height bath

The highly spacious Aries 2000 is longer, wider and deeper so a larger range of children and adults can benefit from safer assisted bathing. This future-proof solution delivers long term value and the ability to sustain space-appropriate bathing for longer.


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Encompassing all the proven reliability of an Abacus bath, the Aries 1700, 1800 and 2000 are the trusted choice for carers, parents and disabled bathers.

Each bath has been specifically designed to enhance the bathing experience so that greater well-being, hygiene and dignity can be enjoyed for those who require hoisting transfers. Generous access is complemented by electrically powered variable height so carers can support at safe working heights. This means the risk of back injury from excessive bending is eliminated.

Controls are simple to understand and each Aries includes an array of safety features for added peace of mind. Aesthetics wise, the Aries range is ideally suited to domestic bathrooms with its minimal and unobtrusive styling – hence providing a specialist assistive solution without compromised looks.

The Aries is a versatile bath that is also suitable for able bodied bathers or for those who require less care – hence a flexible solution for all the family. Add to this unique antimicrobial BioCote protection and you’ll appreciate why the Aries is the assured choice.

Every bathing solution we install can be tailored to your specific needs. Our extensive range of specialist postural support accessories complements our baths, enabling you to optimise the comfort and safety of the bather. We also have a range of options to make bath times easier and more relaxing.

Available on this model:

  • Knee Break
  • Net Postural Support
  • Safety Rail
  • Wedge Cushions/Beany Cushions/Head Supports
  • Side Pads
  • Back Rest Cushion
  • Body Support Panel
  • Platform Cushion
  • Bathside Showerhead Cradle
  • Riser Rail Bath
  • Air Spa
  • Temperature Control Bath Shower Mixer Tap
  • LED lighting
  • Bluetooth Sound

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