Gemini baths

Gemini 1700 powered dual lift platform bath

A versatile powered solution for bathing, drying and changing – all in one easy transfer. This specialist bath is ideal for children or adults with disabilities and their carers as it improves posture, comfort, safety and enjoyment.

Key Features

  • Fully height adjustable so carers can assist with ease and without excessive bending
  • Unique dual lift functionality of bath sides and bath as a whole
  • Bathing, drying and changing platform eliminates manual handling of the bather
  • Bather remains warm after bathing during drying or personal care process
  • Compact bath footprint fits in the space of a traditional size bath
  • Compatible with a wide range of postural and bathing supports for safety and comfort
  • Bath and anti-slip platform incorporates BioCote antimicrobial protection
  • Platform is hinged for ease of cleaning
  • Available with a range of taps and shower units, LED lighting, Bluetooth sound system and Air Spa options


  • User – adult and paediatric
  • Areas – assisted living and residential
  • Transfer – ambulant, semi-ambulant, standing hoist, mobile hoist and ceiling track hoist
Gemini 1700 powered dual lift platform bath

Gemini 2000 powered dual lift platform bath – larger and longer

The Gemini 2000 is longer, wider and deeper with an integrated platform for easier, safer bathing to meet with bather and carer requirements. This future-proof solution delivers a comfortable and engaging experience for larger children, teenagers and adults, making it an excellent cost-effective solution.

Key Features

  • Spacious, extra-long bathing space for adults and larger children
  • Hi-lo movement with dual lift functionality so carers can assist without the risk of back injury
  • Adaptable bathing space with moveable foot and back dividers
  • Easier installation through a new modular design that can be assembled on-site
  • Additional lifting safety with integrated anti-entrapment sensor
  • Integrated BioCote 24/7 antimicrobial protection 
  • Sensory options available including sound, light and Air Spa
  • Intuitive roaming hand controls
  • Sensory accessories include sound, light
    and Air Spa


  • User – adult and paediatric
  • Areas – domestic, assisted living and residential
  • Transfer – ambulant, semi-ambulant, mobile hoist, ceiling track hoist and from wheelchair. Integrated platform and dual lift for enhanced carer moving and handling
Gemini 2000 powered dual lift platform bath – larger and longer
Bio Cote

An Occupational Therapist’s view

The Gemini range offers the same same height-adjustable feature as the Aries range but with the addition of an integrated height adjusting platform. The integrated platform, which can be raised/lowered independently from the rest of the bath, allows the bather and carer complete control regarding the level of submergence in water, whilst at the same time adjusting the bath to an appropriate carer height.

This is even more critical with the Gemini range as the platform can double up as a changing table, negating the need for two pieces of equipment when space and funds are limited. Eliminating the need to transfer from bath to changing table can reduce the number of transfers benefiting both client and carer.  

The platform allows postural supports to be used where required and its six positional options for backrest and footrest provide excellent flexibility making it justifiable to DFG budget holders and financial deputies/case managers alike.

The two models (1700 and 2000) support use in smaller spaces and cost effectiveness with room for growth respectively.

There is potential, depending on the individual risk assessment for a mobile hoist to be used when the bath is raised, potentially allowing you to delay grant requests for ceiling track systems if adaptation budgets are stretched or even in the long-term if this is deemed the most appropriate outcome.

Adam Ferry Occcupational Therapist

Adam Ferry, Occupational Therapist

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