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Top 5 considerations

Top 5 considerations for lighting in a bathroom Bathrooms have to cater to the needs of all family members within a household, both young and old. Everyone needs good levels of light but as we get older these needs increase as less light reaches the retina and visual clarity deteriorates. In fact, m [...]

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Busiest Kidz South event

Abacus experiences busiest Kidz South event than ever before The Kidz South exhibition, organised by Disabled Living, provides visitors with the chance to try out and compare the latest products and services for disabled children. This year, Kidz South presented Abacus with a great opportunity to of [...]

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Spring Newsletter

Abacus Healthcare Spring Newsletter Download a copy of our latest newsletter Download the latest version of Abacus Healthcare newsletter, featuring: Naidex update Kidz-in-the-middle Connect with us on Social Media How Applewood Respite Centre benefits from the Scorpio bath Twins with Cerebral Palsy [...]

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Care Act legislation

New Care Act legislation - Just what is well-being? Kate Sheehan, a respected Occupational Therapist with over 28 years of clinical experience examines the importance of ‘well-being’ which underpins the new Care Act legislation coming into force on 1st April, 2015. From 1st of April 2015, the Care A [...]

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Where to see Abacus

Where to see Abacus during 2015 All of the events we attend provided the unique opportunity to test out and trial our baths. The Kidz exhibitions organised by Disabled Living provide us with essential time to meet people face-to-face and explain how our baths can make a difference. Throughout 2014, [...]

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Mobility Workshop

Abacus hold specialist bathing workshop at Cornwall Mobility Centre Abacus Healthcare held a successful specialist bathing workshop at Cornwall Mobility Centre, Truro, which was attended by healthcare professionals looking to gain the latest guidance regarding best practice on assisted bathing. Abac [...]

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New Bathing Brochure

Abacus Healthcare launches new assisted bathing brochure Abacus Healthcare has introduced a new bathing brochure, which is an invaluable resource for healthcare professionals. Abacus works closely with Occupational Therapists to support the specialist needs of disabled adults and children within dom [...]

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Highlight at Kidz South

Aquanova baths from Abacus Healthcare deliver show highlight at Kidz South We demonstrated our newly launched Aquanova assistive baths to large numbers of Occupational Therapists and families with disabled children at Kidz South (Rivermead Leisure Complex, Reading, 12th June). We have provided styli [...]

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